Instant Blockchain for your DApp
The APIS believes that blockchains and trustless information exchange is powering a new industry of decentralized applications and knowledge, and that the blockchain tools of the future will provide more data, solve more problems, and be more usefully complex. We believe in the values of community ownership, open-source ecosystems, and decentralization.
APIS Core platform is a set of open-source low-code interfaces and tooling designed to power dApps on one or more blockchains. APIS endpoints are built from the ground up: we support each blockchain native interface and extend those interfaces into cross-chain interoperable interfaces. There are three types of interfaces in the APIS protocol: Native, Extended, and Unified.
    Native: Blockchain-specific interfaces of the individual chain, typically JSON-RPC 2.0
    Extended: HTTP and Websocket extensions of Native interfaces, often REST-based, which extend the native functionality or reduce its complexity for end-users.
    Unified: HTTP and Websocket agnostic interfaces of multiple chains, often REST-based, which greatly extend the native functionality, reduce complexity for end-users, and facilitate cross-chain interoperability.
Read more about our interfaces in How The APIS Works and API Reference
The current APIS Core release is Alpha, and you can find out more in our Roadmap.
Last modified 6mo ago
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